Digital Advertising

One of the newest trends in advertising is the usage of digital ad boards, programmable platforms that come in a variety of sizes and provide the business operator flexibility and cost savings over traditional advertising mediums.

Entertain - Ad boards can be used with programming that may provide entertainment to the viewer.

Inform - Digital boards allow the business to inform clients and market internally, providing current information as opposed to print or other media that may be out of date when it is produced.

Communicate - In a faced pace world, instant communication is paramount to success and ease of use with Digital Ad Boards allow for quick, timely updates.

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Voice Over IP Phone Systems

You may or may not realize that your telephone and communcation costs are a large portion of your operating budget. But what you probably do not realize is that you can save considerably with a voice over ip or VOIP telephone system. In fact, the savings may even look too good to be true. Budget consicious managers and owners owe it to themselves to explore this mature technology.

Features of our systems include voice mail, auto attendants, computer integration, open source pbx software and much more. Contact us today to see how our VOIP phone systems can help your business.